This is the Lhardy ‘cocido’ that Tim Cook ate yesterday with David Muñoz

The top leader of Apple brand has taken advantage of this trip to taste the capital's most famous food in Madrid, the stew.

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Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was visiting Spain after globally presenting the new iPhone 15. The main objective of his visit was to meet with the company’s teams in our country, as well as customers.

The top leader of the Apple brand has taken advantage of this trip to try the capital’s most famous food in Madrid, the ‘cocido’. He has done it together with the famous chef, Dabiz Muñoz, at the historic Lhardy restaurant.

This is how stew is served in Lhardy

Cook and Muñoz took Lhardy’s Madrid ‘cocido’. This is served in two pours. First, a soup with angel hair noodles is served. Afterwards, they have the pico pardal chickpeas from Astorga, with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes… and with a lot of meat: Iberian ham, Iberian rib, blood sausage, sausage, Iberian bacon, blood sausage, Galician cow marrow, crispy ear with brava sauce.

For dessert, the two diners enjoyed a souffle, characteristic of Lhardy. “Incredible food,” Cook commented on his X account (formerly Twitter), “with the incomparable chef @Dabizdiverxo in Lhardy.” And he finished by saying: “The best Cocido Madrileño

Tim Cook’s visit to Spain.

Before this meal, Cook had begun his visit at the Real Madrid sports city and at the international photography and film center EFTI, which this year has introduced the iPhone into its curriculum.

The CEO of Apple stated in a statement: “It’s great to be back in Spain! “I look forward to spending time with the dynamic community of incredibly creative developers and students, as well as world-renowned athletes and chefs”.

The brand in our country

Apple has been present within our borders since 1985. Their first store opened in Barcelona and Madrid in 2010. Since then, a total of 11 have opened, among other places, in Murcia, Málaga, Valladolid, Zaragoza and Valencia.

In total, the company directly employs nearly 2,000 people in Spain. In the last three years, its staff has grown by 30%. The company’s headquarters in our country is in the capital, Madrid.