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Garlic is one of the most loved foods because it enriches any dish; but also one of the most hated, due to the powerful trace it leaves in our mouth. For this reason, many people limit its consumption so as not to have that characteristic breath it leaves, especially if there is a social event. So, if you are also one of those who cut yourself when it comes to eating dishes with garlic, do not worry, because science has found the food that fights its taste and smell. A research published in the journal Molecules has revealed that foods containing a higher fat or protein content could decrease breath odor after garlic consumption.

And Dr. Sheryl Barringer, professor of Food Science and Technology at Ohio University and lead author of the study, has specifically highlighted one food that can counteract the effects of garlic. It is natural whole-milk yogurt. To reach this conclusion, the researchers placed equal amounts of raw garlic in glass bottles and confirmed that they could smell the strong sulfur-based odors. To combat this, they used yogurt as a potential neutralizer and measured the levels of volatile chemicals pyridines and pyrazines, which are responsible for the strong garlic odors, before and after treatment.

The yogurt was 99% effective in neutralizing the odors. In addition, Barringer argued that since Greek yogurt has an even higher protein content, it could be even more effective in combating garlic odor, but more research will be done. The study is still continuing its investigations, so we may soon be able to clarify 100% the true effects of yogurt as a ‘deodorant’ for garlic odor.

So now you know, just eat some yogurt after ingesting garlic, and you’re sure to prevent, or at least diminish, bad breath.

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