The farm where Gucci held its dinner in Ibiza

On the occasion of the second edition of the Can Art Fair, Gucci & Can celebrated at The Farm & Floral Studio in Ibiza an exclusive dinner with 200 guests in which they moved, together with chef Massimo Bottura, their 'Osteria' to the hedonistic island.
The Farm Ibiza. Foto de Valentine Riccardi

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First it was an idea of a retirement home, for when you retire. But the pandemic was a turning point and this 19th century indiano house located in San Miguel de Balansat became their home but not only.

The Farm Ibiza is the life project of Francesca Munizaga and Alonso Colmenares. There they live and raise their children, but they also grow fruits and vegetables that they sell to restaurants in the area. They also have a floral workshop, headed by Francesca, where they make flower arrangements, and the latest arrival is The Farmers Club, a training project for farmers.

This place was the setting in which ‘Gucci Osteria’ (a joint project between Gucci and chef Massimo Bottura) unfolded its contemporary culinary philosophy in Ibiza last night. It was a special event devised in collaboration with the CAN Art fair, an innovative platform that brings together the work of different contemporary artists, fusing the excitement and vibrancy of the avant-garde art scene with the carefree attitude of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

“We design regenerative agriculture farms, no chemicals, all in permaculture. We want farmers to lose their fear of ecology. We set them up from start to finish: we study the land to see what crops can be grown well… Our dream is that Ibiza eats from Ibiza, from what is produced here,” explains Munizaga.

This entrepreneur, attached to the land and what it can provide her, says that The Farm Ibiza, apart from her home, is always “a learning experience and a surprise”.

Highlighted photo: Valentine Riccardi