This is the Dairy Queen ice cream inspired by Taylor Swift

Gastronomy once again feeds on the effervescent pop culture to create an ice cream to satisfy the hunger of all the 'swifties' this summer.

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The ice cream brand is syncing up on the same frequency with the ‘Speak Now‘ singer’s debut to reinterpret its iconic Blizzard in a swiftie version.

Dairy Queen published a post on Friday in which it unveiled in a ‘coded’ way this reference to the pop icon featuring the chain’s cotton candy Blizzard ice cream wrapped in a purple fabric very similar to Swift’s album cover, accompanied by the caption ‘Treat Now’, alluding to the album’s title.

A powerful marketing campaign that triggered multiple reactions on the internet, and spread through the networks to Twitter, space in which Dairy Queen shared the same image with the caption ‘If your name is John…. blocked and denounced’, a nod to the song Dear John that she wrote after her breakup with singer John Mayer.