This is the cake that Blake Lively and the famous pastry chef Cedric Grolet have created

The latest post by the North American artist shows her skills in the world of baking alongside the well-known pastry chef Cedric Grolet

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Blake Lively rose to fame as an actress when she played Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, a performance that earned her several awards for best television actress. She also appears recurrently in the spotlight because she is the wife of Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who recently played Deadpool.

Blake is very active on social networks, where she accumulates many followers. Specifically, on Instagram, she is followed by almost 42 million people. On it, she promotes her Betty Buzz beverage brand, but she also has time to show off her culinary skills to her followers.

A special cheesecake

The latest post by the American artist shows her skills in the world of confectionery. Along with the well-known pastry chef Cedric Grolet, the actress has prepared a fruit charlotte to her own liking.

First, they prepared a base for the cake, with egg and sugar, which once beaten, left in the oven for a while and then cut into the round shape that the cake will be.

Next, Blake along with Cedric is in charge of selecting their favorite fruits from a huge variety of them, which appear in their kitchen. From this selection, they extract a juice to place on the dough.

Subsequently, they will use a filling cream to place on the juice of various fruits which, in turn, will serve as a substitute, as a trompe l’oeil, for the ladyfingers that usually surround this cake.

One of the last steps is to cover the top of the pie with more fruit juice than you made earlier. Finally, they add the fruit to crown the cake, this time without going through the blender, and that’s it.

Before trying it, Blake shows up with her Betty Buzz and Betty Booze drinks to invite Cedric to have a drink while they taste the cake.