This is the best way to cook white rice in a microwave

The microwave is still a very good tool that we can use to optimize the time we spend preparing food.

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We tend to perceive the microwave as an appliance for reheating tupperware, leftovers from the previous day or making popcorn. In a way, there is a stigma when it comes to using the microwave for cooking, as we commonly think that it is better to use the stove or stove to prepare a more complex dish.

And although that statement is correct, the microwave is still a very good tool that we can use when it comes to optimizing the time we spend preparing food. Above all, because it can be essential for preparing quick dinners on busy nights, or meals on days when we don’t have much time.

White rice is one of the easiest and most interesting dishes you can prepare in the microwave (let’s leave aside other types of more complex and complete rice), as it is very practical, and you will save yourself the hassle of cleaning the big pot with some grains stuck to the bottom.


  • 1 glass of rice.
  • 2 glasses of water.
  • Salt and a dash (small) of olive oil.
  • A deep microwave-safe bowl (preferably glass).


  1. First we have to heat the water in the container. With about two or three minutes it will be enough, but we must take care that the water is bubbling.
  2. We take the container with the water out of the microwave and we put the rice, a dash of oil and salt.
  3. Then we place it inside the microwave with the container covered and we put it at medium power (about 500 W) for about 15 or 18 minutes (the time will depend on the power of your microwave). Let it rest for a minute and test the texture.
  4. Depending on how the rice is we put between 3 and 5 minutes more but now at maximum power. Remember to always check your rice, as its consistency can change a lot depending on the power of the microwave.
  5. After another minute of rest, taste the rice and it is ready to serve.