This is the best gastronomic city in the U.S, according to WalletHub

WalletHub has compiled a list of the country's quintessential foodie cities.

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And no. It may not be what you’d expect. Food critics or foodies would tend to think of New York at the top of the list, but according to WalletHub’s recent report, that spot goes to a totally unexpected city. The finance website doesn’t rank culinary hotspots by the number of fine dining restaurants, but rather by their affordable and diverse options.

The study analyzed more than 180 U.S. cities, assessing metrics such as grocery costs, restaurants per capita and the number of food festivals. The winner? Orlando.

WalletHub ranked the Florida city number one in the country for the diversity and quality of its restaurants; the large number of ice cream and frozen yogurt stores, coffee shops per capita, affordability and the cluster of specialty grocery stores.

After Orlando, the platform ranked Portland (Oregon) as the second best gastronomic city, and Sacramento (California) as the third, while Chicago ranked 14th and New York 20th.