This is ‘The Bear’s’ viral hack for a perfect omelet

Recreate the omelets and poached eggs of the audiovisual gastronomic trend with this quick and easy trick. Take note.

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The ultimate hack to create the omelet and poached eggs, unsurprisingly, starred in the second season of ‘The Bear‘, when Sydney’s character uses a fine mesh strainer to sift some eggs before preparing the omelet.

Sifting eggs becomes the latest gastronomic trend that, since its projection in the series, lights up social networks around the world. And, although this method, which appears in the ninth episode titled ‘Omelette’, is not new, being used to make French omelets and the Japanese egg flan chawanmushi, Instagram and TikTok are now serving amateurs and/or foodies this culinary trick with which to get restaurant-quality eggs from home.

As reported by Delish, Sokyo’s executive chef Chase Kojima says that sieving eggs before poaching or making an omelet allows for a smoother texture and a more consistent, uniform result.

‘If you run the eggs through a sieve, you get a very consistent omelet. It’s smoother. The traditional style of making tamagoyaki [a rolled omelet] is not to strain it so it’s thick and textured. But if we think about haute cuisine and the perfect tamagoyaki, passing the eggs through a strainer is much more delicate,’ says Kojima.