Would you drink a pork-flavored coffee? This is the new Starbucks China drink

The chain is inspired by a traditional Asian dish to create its new coffee.

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The Lunar New Year has become the core of reference and inspiration from which countless creations emerge. Now a new product dazzles, which is already dividing opinions under the Western vision, for its controversial fusion: meat and coffee.

This almost 10-dollar drink (68 yuan) will only be available in Starbucks stores in China until February 26.

The new drink translates as ‘Abundant Year Savory Latte‘ and features as an espresso and milk blend with Dongpo braised pork flavored sauce, with more pork sauce and a pork crisp as a garnish.

Dongpo pork is a Chinese dish that dates back to the Song dynasty of the 11th century and was supposedly created by a famous scholar-poet named Su Dongpo. For many years, this dish has been part of the traditional Lunar New Year celebration.