This is Muna, T de Oro restaurant in Castilla y León that you should know.

Today we bring you our gastronomic recommendation in Castilla y León: the restaurant Muna, winner T de Oro of Tapas Magazine in this region.
Restaurante Muna, T de Oro de Tapas Magazine de Castilla y León.

Our particular gastronomic route to let you know the best culinary proposals of the country takes us today to the restaurant Muna, the brand new winner of the T de Oro de Tapas Magazine in Castilla y León award. The tandem formed by Samuel and Genesis have turned the restaurant into an obligatory stop in Ponferrada (León). We tell you why.


That Muna was going to give a lot to talk about was well known. Four years later they already have a star and a sun, and it only seems to be the beginning of a great journey. Samuel and Genesis are the creators. The welcome dish is already a declaration of intentions: a brioche of roasted peppers glazed with their juice and roasted bell pepper butter, a tribute to the region’s pepper plants. The environment is his great inspiration, with seasonal produce as the protagonist. Before the end of the year, they will launch the new winery and some other changes.

Written by: Susana Martín

Ponferrada (León). Gil y Carrasco, 25
693 76 23 70 / Web
Menus: 65 y 90 €. Carta: 50 €

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