This is La Chalana, the seafood restaurant famous for the ‘Koldo case’

According to the investigation of the case, this seafood restaurant located in the Bernabeu area would have been the epicenter of the meetings of the former advisor.

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In recent days, the ‘Koldo case’ has dominated the political news. Little by little, new information is being released about this plot starring the former advisor of the former minister Ábalos and the collection of illegal commissions for the purchase of masks. Now, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in charge of the investigation of this case has revealed that up to three key meetings took place in the restaurant La Chalana, a well-known seafood restaurant in Madrid located in the Bernabeu area.

La Chalana is a group specialized in Cantabrian cuisine, which specializes in the most succulent products of the Cantabrian Sea, especially fish and seafood. It has several restaurants, two in Asturias and two in Madrid, one in the Barceló Market and the other near Santiago Bernabeu. In this last establishment is where, according to the investigation, some of the meetings between Koldo García and his accomplices took place.

A menu focused on seafood

Among the Asturian specialties offered in their menu, the Chalana and the Chalanón de mariscos stand out, a large platter that includes a spider crab, an ox crab, prawns, andarica crabs, crayfish, red shrimp, mussels and winkles, in the case of the Chalana. While the Chalanón is made up of lobster, a spider crab, an ox crab, andarica crabs, prawns, red shrimp and langoustines. They cost 55 and 65 €, respectively, and are recommended for sharing between 2 and 3 people.

In the menu you can also find fresh fish, such as sea bass, xargo, viceroy or baked sea bream, prepared in a traditional way, without disturbing its natural flavor. The grilled fish and seafood along with different rice dishes, are also another must of the restaurant. In addition, they also organize special menus, such as the Anniversary, which includes delicacies such as “Entrepeñas” black pudding fritters with foie gras and caramelized onion, scallops au gratin, Cantabrian lobster in seafood rice and veal cachopinos. It costs 60 €. Although they also have the Chigre menu, more economical for 19 €, which consists of a spider crab, scallops au gratin, a dozen boiled white shrimp and blue cheese leaves “campillo” with apple jam.

Where? Calle Santo Domingo de Silos 6, 28036 (Madrid)