This is how Starbucks’ green cup redesign will look in the USA

The famous coffee chain is implementing this change towards an eco-sustainable future.

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Starbucks also wants to be part of the change and the fight against climate change. This activist spirit has led it to develop a strategic plan to drastically reduce its carbon, water and waste footprint by 2030.

From this conscious project, the redesign of its ‘cold cups‘ has just been unveiled with the aim of reducing the use of plastic by up to 20%, as well as preventing more than 13.5 million kilos of plastic from ending up in landfill each year.

The new tall, graduated, venti and trenta cups use 10-20% less plastic than previous containers, according to a press release. This innovative change will also reduce the need to manufacture lids of various sizes – except for the largest one – making it easier for baristas. Beyond the cups, the cups will also undergo a redesign process to improve accessibility and help conserve other resources.

When will the new cold cups be seen in Starbucks outlets? According to the company, the rollout will begin this month in select US locations and expand nationwide by the end of the year.