This is Gresca, the restaurant in Barcelona where Dua Lipa dined again

The singer returned to Barcelona to shoot a video clip and did not want to miss one of her favorite restaurants.

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That Dua Lipa is a lover of our country has been clear on many occasions. And, in particular, that the singer loves Barcelona is another indisputable fact. Last year she enjoyed an unparalleled gastronomic route through Catalan lands, and in recent days she has also been back in Barcelona, this time to shoot a new video clip.

And as a good foodie, the British did not miss the opportunity to visit one of her favorite restaurants here. It is the restaurant Gresca, located in the Eixample district and is a reference for foodies. Here they serve tasty modern dishes prepared in their characteristic open kitchen. Dua Lipa knows this place very well, as she has visited it several times.

On this occasion, as the singer herself shared in a carousel of images, she opted for options such as anchovies or cod, in addition to accompanying the meal with some of the excellent wine proposals that the restaurant has. She also posted a fun photo with rapper and winemaker Clovis Ochin, whose wines Dua Lipa is a big fan of. Among the comments that have populated the publication, the ones from artists such as our Rosalía, who wrote “what a maca”, alluding to her visit to the city, stand out.

Behind Gresca is the famous chef Rafa Peña, who was awarded the Premi Nacional de Gastronomia 2023. This restaurant has become a hotspot in Barcelona where many stars come, thanks to a simple and traditional proposal but of very good quality.

Where is Gresca? C/ Provença 230, 08036 (Barcelona)