This was Dua Lipa’s gastronomic tour of Barcelona

The singer has visited Barcelona and has made a real gastronomic tour of several restaurants in the city and some renowned wineries in the area. We tell you about her stops.

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Dua Lipa has returned to the Catalan capital to enjoy, once again, some of her favourite restaurants in Barcelona. A self-confessed lover of Catalan gastronomy, and especially of wines, the singer also took the opportunity to visit some of Catalonia’s prestigious wineries. We tell you what gastro stops the artist made.

The singer posted a carousel on her Instagram with each of her gastronomic experiences with which she had been enchanted. “I’ve spent a few days in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia going to my favourite restaurants, making new friends and meeting some of my favourite natural winemakers,” the post began.

One of those favourite restaurants is Gresca, which he has visited before. Located in the Eixample district, it is a reference point for foodies and serves tasty, contemporary dishes prepared in its characteristic open kitchen. Its dishes are loved by diners like Dua Lipa, who also posted a photo with the whole team, as well as some of the specialities she tasted, such as the grilled oysters.

Another of her gastro stops was at Xemei restaurant, which offers Venetian cuisine. Located between Poble Sec and Montjuïc, here Dua Lipa enjoyed a real feast where she tried their special pasta, as well as a delicious homemade dessert. And all accompanied by a good wine, of course.

He also did a wine tour

As we mentioned earlier, Dua Lipa is a great lover of wine. That’s why she also took the opportunity to go on a wine tour of several wineries in Catalonia. In the social media post, the singer was enthusiastic about the experience: “A real pleasure to meet the wonderful people and the process behind the wine that I love to enjoy and share with the people I love”.

He also thanked his friend and oenologist Ochin Clovis for all the discoveries he had made for him. On this occasion he made two stops, at the Clos Lentiscus winery in the town of Sant Pere de Ribes in Barcelona. Here he had a great time and even tasted the wine in the typical “porrón”.

He also visited Partida Creus facilities in Bonastre (El Baix Penedés, Tarragona). It is a small artisanal winery that makes very original, top-of-the-range wines from organically grown grapes,

Dua Lipa ended her post with the phrase “Excited to come back again soon!!!”. So we’re sure to see her enjoying Catalan gastronomy again soon.