This is Azul Sunset Point (Valencia), one of the Best Chiringuitos 2023

The tour to know the best beach bars in Spain takes us to Azul Sunset Point in Valencia. And we do it, as always, hand in hand with the iconic aperitif Aperol Spritz.

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Our route through the best beach bars in Spain in 2023 takes us to Valencia. With a refreshing and bubbly Aperol Spritz in hand, we toast to all the good things of summer at Azul Sunset Point, a privileged spot where you can enjoy the best sunset in Valencia.

Azul Sunset Point (Valencia)

Looking to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Valencia? This spot in the Marina Real is your place. Here you can soak up the authentic slow life, that which is not governed by the rhythm of the hands of the clock, but by the intensity of enjoyment. They encourage you to let them advise you, but as a starter, it is best to start with a round of Aperol Spritz, some anchovies in vinegar, some cocas of smoked sardine loin and let the day be the one that sets the pulse.

Written by Victoria Bravo.

Where? In the Marina Reial Juan Carlos, I, 46011, 46024 Valencia

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