This is Adele’s favorite restaurant in Los Angeles (especially for its croquettes)

The singer commented during a concert at which Los Angeles restaurant she tried some ham and cheese croquettes that she loved.

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Adele is one of the most natural and approachable artists on the music scene. The singer tends to interact a lot during her concerts and talks about everyday topics such as food. In fact, at a recent performance in Los Angeles, Adele said that a few days ago she had tasted the best ham and cheese croquettes of her life.

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In addition, the British woman recommended to all the attendees to visit that restaurant. “If you live in Los Angeles and eat pork, you have to go to the République restaurant and eat the ham and cheese croquettes, because f**k me,” she expressed with humor while chatting with the audience, while revealing that she had eaten the entire portion because “they were delicious.”

This is the République restaurant

This Los Angeles restaurant also has a bakery that is also a great success. In fact, in the mornings there are long lines to buy some of their breads or pastries. As for the cuisine, chefs Margie Lorenzana-Manzke and Walter Manzke elaborate an American cuisine with Mediterranean fusion, where Adele’s favorite croquettes stand out of course, but you can also try delicacies such as their potato and leek beignets, their iconic egg toast, Dungeness crab risotto, braised wagyu beef cheek and duck with baby beets, are just some of the highlights of their menu.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the venue is a historic building originally built in 1929 by Charlie Chaplin, which was later transformed into the iconic La Brea bakery and Campanile restaurant. For this reason, République offers a dining environment steeped in history and grandeur. It’s an experience that not only drives Adele crazy, but a lot of diners every day.