These are the best supermarket ready meals, according to the OCU

If you are one of those who cooks little and relies a lot on ready-made meals, here are the best - and also the worst - suggestions, according to a study carried out by the OCU.

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Whether due to lack of time, lack of desire or not having much talent for cooking, we often resort to ready-made or pre-cooked meals that save us on more than one occasion. However, these gastronomic proposals do not always meet the expected quality. To help you get it right next time, we have selected the best supermarket ready meals, according to a study carried out by the OCU among almost 5,500 people, analysing more than 18 establishments and based on customer satisfaction. We also found the worst rated ones.

BonÀrea, at the forefront

At the top of the list are the BonÀrea supermarkets, thanks to the good opinion of customers, who highlighted aspects such as price, quantity offered and, of course, the quality of the recipes.

Further down, down 26 points, was Mercadona, another of the chains that is betting most on ready meals with its Ready to Eat section, which it is incorporating in most of its establishments, offering a wide variety of ready meals.

In last place are the BM and Gadis chains. In these establishments, only 10% of those surveyed thought that their ready meal service was acceptable.