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Aldi expands to open 50 new stores in Spain by 2023

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Aldi will boost its expansion in Spain in 2023 with the opening of 50 new shops throughout the country, according to the chain in a statement.

Specifically, the new openings planned include Aldi’s entry into the autonomous city of Melilla, in the second half of the year, and the opening of new shops in Galicia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Asturias.

The rest of the openings will be mainly divided between strategic areas for the company, where it will continue to consolidate its presence, such as Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia, which will account for almost half of the expected growth in 2023.

In addition, the supermarket chain will continue to grow in those regions where it has recently opened or where it has fewer shops, such as northern Spain and the Canary Islands, where it has nine shops since its arrival in July 2022 and will continue to increase throughout the year.

The CEO of Aldi Spain, Valentín Lumbreras, stressed that Aldi’s “commitment to Spain remains strong and unalterable”. “It is a strategic country for the company’s growth in Europe, as demonstrated by the fact that, in the last three years, we have opened around 100 new shops throughout the country, with a rate of around 40 openings per year in 2021 and 2022, and the forecast to continue increasing our presence also in 2023 to be closer to our customers every day”, he stressed.

Aldi closed 2022 with a total of 394 supermarkets in Spain and around 440,000 square metres of retail space, thanks to the opening of more than 40 shops, which allowed it to increase its sales floor by 11% compared to 2021.

In addition, the supermarket chain has increased its workforce in Spain by 12% and currently has more than 6,600 employees in the national market.

The company has indicated that to support its expansion it has also reinforced its logistics capacity over the past year, with the expansion of its logistics centre in Dos Hermanas (Seville) and Masquefa (Barcelona) and the start-up of a new platform in the Canary Islands in Agüimes (Gran Canaria).

It is currently working on the construction of a new warehouse of more than 30,000 square metres in Sagunto (Valencia) and another of more than 40,000 square metres in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) to support the supply of its shops in the Mediterranean area and in the north of the country.