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From Estimar to Xemei: these are Rosalía’s favorite restaurants in Barcelona

The artist explores gastronomy as another type of artistic expression.

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Rosalía is an icon that embodies every sense of the word. A figure that, like the algorithm, projects non-stop trends on a universal level: from styles to food to the music of our era. Her transformation cuts through and influences everything.

Through the life he may have projected on the internet, or the one shared by the paparazzi, his community has been able to appreciate his great passion for gastronomy in the same stimulating menu combined with music or fashion. That inner world dilutes it in a modern love story for avant-garde cuisine, Japanese gastronomy, and even for the tradition of the tavern or the bar of a lifetime.

This fascination is transmitted or referenced in his songs, illustrated in his clips and intensified in real life. An emotion that, of course, he has felt in his hometown, eclipsed by the offer that he deploys through restaurants that has ended up rising to the global stage of the viral. An ascension that occurred in 2021, at the precise moment in which he shared on the social network X his favorite restaurants in Barcelona. Now, with a new addition to the series, we take a culinary tour through all of them, starting with the last one he visited: Estimate.


The singer was seen enjoying a family evening at Estimar, the haute cuisine restaurant of Sevillian chef Rafa Zafra, also known for being Mick Jagger’s favorite, among other stars.

This temple of the sea or seafood restaurant, which bases its proposal on grilled cuisine and product, has two Repsol Suns since 2019 and has been voted best restaurant in Barcelona by the Macarfi guide in 2022. There, Rosalia would share with her family a sumptuous nightly ritual orchestrated around its seafood, of which stand out its clams, caviar, crayfish carpaccio or its famous Roses prawns in salt.


Italy also beats in the heart of the artist, who was seen at one of its tables dining with some friends, her sister and her ex-partner Rauw Alejandro. Cucine Mandarosso is an Italian restaurant in the Born -which also has an outlet in Madrid- that bases its proposal on tradition and traditional dishes from the country of the boot from seasonal ingredients.

Comfort food done to perfection’, describe the notes of the place in which to enter its universe through its classic lasagna, pasta casarecce with egg cream, gnocchi with tomato, ricotta and eggplant, ziti alla genovese, cod tortelli with chickpea cream, spaghettoni with squid ink or beef stew with apple and apricots.


In the heart of the Gràcia district is one of the authentic Catalan food bistros in Barcelona, which is also part of Rosalía’s culinary tour. La Panxa del Bisbe is a traditional bar with a relaxed and informal atmosphere and a menu that revolves around the art of tapas. Crowd favorites are its grilled cod, poached egg with artichoke puree, mussels with seafood, salad of peppers, sardines and yogurt, and spinach and ricotta ravioli with tomato and olive.


Rosalia‘s eclectic list also includes Xemei. A Venetian restaurant located in the Poble Sec neighborhood, run by brothers Max and Stefano Colombo, which specializes in Italian cuisine from the Veneto region.

The boho-chic inspired restaurant has revolutionized the Barcelona culinary scene with its interpretation of Transalpine cuisine featuring pasta and fish dishes with the best seasonal ingredients; such as its spaghetti al ‘nero di sepia’, tartufo bianco d’Alba, its pickled sardines, baked mackerel or its marinated anchovies. Although if your true passion is pasta, the great recommendation is the spaghetti with mussels, clams and tomatoes. Where? In Pg. de l’Exposició, 85.


The ‘motomami’ par excellence has also sat at the table of the mythical Bar del Pla located in the Born. A kind of tavern of classic, Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine, known for its offer of dishes, of which the singer shared an image in which you could see a chicken stew and a Mexican pancake. Star dishes of this place where you can enjoy a good vermouth or wine along with traditional dishes such as crispy oxtail, cannelloni, tripe or slow cook cooked at low temperature.


The Catalan artist also wanted to pay tribute to this Japanese restaurant in her manifesto. Something that surprises no one due to her obsession with Asian cuisine. Hideki Matsuhisa’s Shunka is considered, together with its culinary extension Koy Shunka, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona.

In this izakaya, run by Michelin-starred chef Hideki Matsuhisa, they prepare sushi, nigiris, sashimi and other Japanese specialties. Where to find us? At Carrer dels Sagristans, 5.