These are José Andrés’ favorite -and very Spanish- pancakes

As a good ambassador of our gastronomy, the Asturian chef chooses a national product to elaborate his star pancakes.

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There is no better ambassador of Spanish gastronomy than José Andrés. The Asturian chef is a standard bearer of traditional recipes and products of our country. Proof of this is the very Spanish ingredient that José Andrés uses to prepare his favorite pancakes.

The media chef has shared on his blog Longer Tables the recipe for homemade pancakes that he has been preparing for more than two decades and have been one of the recurring snacks of his daughters since they were little. They are olive oil pancakes, which are super fluffy and light. They are also healthier because they replace butter.

José Andrés points out that this dish is one of his essential proposals for breakfast and that, although olive oil is associated with savory dishes, it can also be served with sweet pancakes. In addition, the Asturian encourages you to make your own versions by adding toppings or syrups of your choice. His daughters, for example, opt for ounces or pieces of chocolate, red fruits and a good drizzle of honey.

Do you also prepare your pancakes with oil instead of butter?