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These are all the gastro brands that have joined the Barbie trend

We make a compilation of all the Barbie-themed inspired food to feed your fantasy this summer.

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The release of Greta Gerwig’s movie ‘Barbie‘ seems to have become the cultural and commercial phenomenon of the year, from which countless objects, accessories and collections have proliferated around the iconic Mattel doll.

We now delve into Barbie’s plastic world, specifically in her kitchen, to put on the table all the culinary collaborations that have joined the Barbiecore macro-trend.


One of the latest culinary proposals with which to refresh ourselves with Barbie was served by Cold Stone Creamery through the launch of ‘All That Glitters is Pink‘: an ice cream flavored with cotton candy, crushed graham cracker pie crust and whipped cream. Of course, dipped in the doll’s signature deep pink, which is almost her own. In addition to the ice cream, the company presented the so-called ‘Best Cake Ever‘, which combines cotton candy ice cream, yellow cake and shavings.


Burger King Brazil also launched its own interpretation of the movie, and of Barbie’s flavor, with a themed menu inspired by her superficial universe, including a bacon cheeseburger with smoked pink sauce, ‘Ken’ fries, a vanilla milkshake blended with Nesquik powder, and a pink glazed donut.

‘It’s not plastic… it’s real food,’ read the caption of the Instagram post unveiling this limited edition collaboration called ‘BK Barbie Combo’, now available at all Burger King branches, Burger King drive-thrus and Burger King delivery services throughout Brazil.


Beyond other fancy creations such as Swoon’s sugar-free Barbie pink lemonade or candy-flavored or scented lip gloss, Pinkberry also joined the trend or ‘Barbie-mania’, getting in on the action with a new promotional flavor, ‘Barbie Land Berry Pink’: a combination of strawberry and dragonfruit flavors to which ‘dream sprinkles’ can be added.


Whole Foods Market dyed the whole table pink with the launch of a new range of ‘Barbie by Pastifica Di Martino’ pastas including ‘Barbie Pennette Rigate’ (diced penne), which, not being the representative color, the company suggests combining it with a vodka ‘pink sauce’ or a creamy beet sauce.

The Pastificio Di Martino brand also extended Barbie pasta to a collection of pasta shapes to choose from, such as spaghetti, macaroni, alphabet, orzo, farfalle and lumachine. Also to special “Barbie” boxes, which include several packages of pasta, a Barbie chef doll and a recipe book.


Krispy Kreme Philippines introduced a Barbie collection composed of an ‘OG’ donut, with a blue glaze and pink and blue shavings, and the so-called ‘Girl Boss’ in pink with a shiny glaze.

KK Philippines’ ‘Cotton Candy Chiller‘ is made with a combination of kreme base, cotton candy flavor and pink glittergelli, which, if you look closely, literally looks like glitter-filled jelly. The drink is topped off with whipped cream, sprinkles and a Barbie candy.


Barbie x Swoon pink lemonade is a sugar-free drink that combines the flavors of strawberry and lemon, and is made with 100% natural lemon juice concentrate.

‘Barbie is an iconic brand that continues to reflect today’s women. Together, Swoon and Barbie are committed to celebrating and evolving the classics to create a better future,’ reads Swoon’s Instagram post. The drink is also paleo-friendly, gluten-free and keto.


To celebrate the movie’s release in Japan, the W Osaka Hotel opened the Barbie The Movie Café for a limited time.

On the menu, there were various Barbie treats and sweets, such as an assortment of parfaits, macarons, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and mini donuts, as well as savory items such as a mini corn dog and chips.


Mattel’s iconic doll also became the source of inspiration when it came to creating a new Barbie experience in the form of a themed café. The Malibu Barbie Café, deployed in New York and Chicago, is presented as a restaurant with a tropical and beach atmosphere, serving a brunch menu throughout the day, as well as all kinds of pink cocktails and desserts sheathed in Barbie’s identity and imaginary.

Barbie fandom can thus enter this immersive café that pays tribute to the imaginary, aesthetics and everything that the iconic doll represents. And beyond the exotic menu, inside this 1970s Malibu time capsule, visitors and/or diners can have their photos taken in a life-size Barbie box, as well as enjoy its vibrant playground.