The reason Kevin Bacon no longer eats bacon

The legendary actor has a peculiar last name that is always joked about.

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Kevin Bacon has long since changed his lifestyle to become a farmer. That has also made him change many other aspects, such as his diet. In a recent interview for People magazine, the iconic actor confessed that he had stopped eating bacon some time ago.

Although he is passionate about cooking, his diet has shifted towards something more sustainable, organic and meatless. “I don’t eat goat or pork anymore, because I have goats and I have pigs,” the actor tells People, referring to the farm he owns with numerous animals. In fact, he jokes that his wife told him: “We can’t have any more animals, because you’re going to stop eating everything.

What he also has on his farm is a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are the main base of his new food. In fact, he has posted on networks some of his giant grown food.

Although, looking back, a few months ago Kevin Bacon himself commented that his wife had prepared his favorite dinner for his birthday. And it consisted of roast chicken and banana cake. It looks like the actor is going to have to change his favorite dish.