The New York Times’ tinto de verano recipe that has gone viral

The famous New York media has published its recipe for this typical Spanish drink.

Click here to read the Spanish version.
If there is a refreshing drink that triumphs in summer, that is the tinto de verano. And we are not only saying this in Spain, but even international media such as The New York Times echo this Spanish tradition as an ideal refreshing drink for hot weather. Here is the recipe they have shared for you to compare it with the tinto de verano you prepare at home.

First of all, the media emphasizes the choice of red wine. According to The NY Times, Spain traditionally opts for more robust and tannic table wines, with Tempranillo, Garnacha or Monastrell grape varieties.

As you may well know, the preparation of a tinto de verano is quite simple. Only three ingredients are needed. On this occasion, they point to La Casera soda as the companion most chosen by Spaniards, although they also recommend by 7Up or Sprite, adding a splash of sparkling water to counteract the acidity. In the video they have shared on social networks, they also explain that they add a little sweet vermouth, “to get a drink a little more rounded and herbal”. The last thing is to mix it all in a shaker, shake well and serve in a glass with ice and a few slices of lemon and a touch of syrup.

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