The future of food delivery has arrived at Domino’s Pizza

This new delivery method was powered by an amazing jetpack during the Glastonbury Festival.

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Domino’s unveils the future of pizza delivery in partnership with Gravity Industries. A disruptive idea inspired by Elton John, festival headliner and original rocket man.

Sam Wilson, Domino’s PR director, told The Independent: ‘When we realized it was impossible to serve portions inside the festival, we were inspired by this year’s headliner to launch our own rapid delivery trial. Every year we get a large number of random requests from festival-goers trying to sneak pizza into the party. So this year we wanted to take it a step further and test our own rocket man service to help hungry campers get a slice of satisfaction through the roof in the future’.


In the Domino’s promotional video that made an impact on the Internet, the delivery driver is seen picking up boxes at one of the chain’s stores before going outside, suspending himself in the sky and flying to the festival to deliver the pizzas on site.

Technological innovation related to the delivery of jetpacks around the world is still in its infancy, with only a few proposals such as this one developed by Gravity Industries, and its jetpacks that start at around $480,000. A custom-made suit that is equipped with special technology to ensure that food stays fresh and warm in the box, it has already revolutionized the industry globally.