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The Curse of the White House chefs

Conspiracies surrounding presidential chefs resurface after the mysterious death of Tafari Campbell.

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Like a true crime story, the tragic death of the Obamas’ personal chef, Tafari Campbell, is now rekindling a flame that never seemed to be extinguished: that of the enigmatic death of chef Walter Scheib in 2015.

The suspended theories between these two events with the White House as a backdrop, are connected through certain parallels that could end up being deciphered now by the authorities, the media or the internet, or fall into the virtual abyss.


The 45-year-old former White House chef, who continued after the presidential term at the Obamas’ side as a personal chef, disappeared Sunday night, July 23, near his residence on Martha’s Vineyard, an exclusive enclave off the coast of Massachusetts, while paddleboarding. 

Tafari Campbell’s body was found by a surfer on Monday in Edgartown Great Pond, about 100 feet from shore at a depth of eight feet. Currently, the Massachusetts State Police Department is still investigating the death, but they claim it was just an ‘unfortunate accident’ and nothing more. However, netizens have since unearthed evidence that disproves this narrative, including evidence that Tafari could not have drowned, as he was an experienced swimmer.

This strange event has given rise to a series of similes and speculative theories about his enigmatic death, resurrecting the past to bring to the surface the case of chef Walter Scheib, who also drowned in New Mexico. At the time, he was the head chef -hired by First Lady Hillary Clinton- who served both the Clintons and Bush.


Walter Scheib worked at the White House for 11 years, from 1994 to 2005, during which he reinterpreted its cuisine through his contemporary vision of American gastronomy based on seasonal ingredients.

The executive chef remained with the Clinton family at the White House until 2000, when President George Bush’s administration entered. At that time, Bush‘s culinary tastes changed from those of his predecessors, generating controversy and leading to his dismissal, both by himself and by First Lady Laura Bush and her daughters.

Scheib was found dead that same year while hiking in New Mexico (USA). After several days of searching, state police found Scheib’s body in the Taos area, near where his vehicle had previously been located.

According to the authorities, he was found submerged in an icy mountain river, making it difficult to define his date of death. However, they ruled out finding signs of violence on his body, so so far it is thought that it was an accident while hiking. A misunderstood death that has unleashed an infinity of questions, enigmas and conspiracies that try to solve it.