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The cast of ‘The Bear’ try Eat Wasted’s raw pasta

A solidarity sequence starring the cast of ‘The Bear’.

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The disruptive bread waste pasta company joined the cast of the hit food series ‘The Bear’ to donate 1,000 portions of their pasta to people if they agreed to try it ‘raw’.

A solidarity challenge in which the cast of Matty Matheson, Jeremy Allen White & Courtney Storer tasted the brand’s RAW pasta in order to nurture the company’s philosophy and activity with their support.

In the video, the stars can be seen tasting the pasta from a bucket with surprising reactions such as: ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life’, says Canadian chef Matty Matheson, as an idea that feeds into the rest with ‘it’s delicious’ from Storer, to which Jeremy Allen says ‘yeah’. I can’t imagine what it would taste like if it was cooked,’ says Matheson.

With this solidarity action together with Eat Wasted, The Bear actors will help feed people with wasted food and their self-sustaining donation model with their pasta made from bread waste. For every kilo of pasta we sell, we donate a portion to an organisation that feeds members of a food insecure community.’