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The best pistachio ice cream in Miami, according to Rosalía

We add a new 'foodie' moment of the singer with her recommendation of the best pistachio ice cream she has "tasted in her whole life".

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If a few days ago we shared some of the reasons why Rosalía was a foodie, the Spanish singer has just added one more reason. We already know that Rosi is a lover of sweets and ice cream. Now that she has been living in Miami for some time, she has just discovered what she considers to be the best pistachio ice cream in the city and, moreover, the best she has ever tasted, as she revealed in her stories along with a picture of the ice cream in question.

The place where Rosalia’s new favorite ice cream is served is the Forte Dei Marmi restaurant, a sophisticated restaurant located south of Miami Beach that serves Italian cuisine based on fresh and organic products. In addition, it is a space with a meticulously designed by architect Chad Oppenheim. The liquid section of the menu also features wines and cocktails, many of them organic.

And the desserts? The sweet menu is also one of the star parts of its cuisine. Here the spectacular and giant pistachio ice cream stands out, served in a bowl of Onyx honey, which Rosalía has fallen in love with. Judging by the image, it is recommended to share among several people and its price is 30 dollars. There is also the traditional Italian tiramisu, Panna Cotta or Cannoli ‘Alla Siciliana’. It is not the only Spanish celebrity who has been surprised by this ice cream, as a few months ago Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva also tried it, calling the striking dessert “pisa tower”, as published on stories by the businessman.

Where? 150 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.