The best horchaterias in Valencia

There is nothing more refreshing in summer than enjoying a good fresh horchata with its corresponding 'fartons'. So, if you are lucky enough to be in Valencia, we recommend some hotspots in the capital of the Turia for you to try the best ones.

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With this heat wave that stalks the whole country, there is nothing better than a cold horchata to refresh us. This drink made from tigernut and originally from Valencia, more specifically from the town of Alboraia, besides being delicious, provides many health benefits, including a high protein content or improve the microbiota, and is suitable for vegans. And on top of that, it is accompanied by the tasty fartons, the typical elongated, soft and glazed bun that is dipped in the horchata. As we are sure that when reading these lines -and with 35 ºC in the shade- your mouth is already watering, below we have selected eight of the best horchaterias in Valencia. So if you are on the Levantine coast this summer, you can’t leave without taking our horchata route.

Horchatería Santa Catalina

Having been open for more than two centuries, being one of the oldest horchaterias in Valencia, is already a sign that they serve a good horchata here. It is located in the old part of the city and is open every day of the year. Of course, it must be accompanied with fartons, but they also serve ice cream, chocolate, fritters and many more products.

Where? At Plaza santa catalina 6, Valencia

Horchatería Daniel

If you ask a Valencian where to try a good horchata, probably one of the horchaterias you will name first will be Daniel, located in Alboraia (although they also have another establishment in the Mercado de Colón, right in the center of Valencia). They have been making natural horchata and authentic fartons for almost 75 years. They are already in their third generation of ‘horchateros’ and it is one of the obligatory stops for those who are looking for refreshment with this tigernut drink. Illustrious personalities such as Salvador Dalí or Rafael Alberti also tasted it.

Where? At Avenida de la Horchata, 41 46120 Alboraya (Valencia); at Mercado de Colón, Calle Jorge Juan, 19 Cubo 4 (Valencia); and also at Plaza de la Reina, Calle del Mar, 4 (Valencia)

Horchatería El Sariers

It is another of the most recurrent names when talking about the best horchaterias. Also located in Alboraia, they have been making horchata for more than 60 years since its cultivation, although the place was opened as such in 1995. All the products they serve are handmade and, in addition to fartons and pastries, you can try a wide variety of slushies and ice creams. Another of the horchaterias in Valencia that you must try.

Where? At Carrer el Sarcet, 6 46020 Valencia

Horchatería El Collado

It is another of the most legendary horchaterias in Valencia. In the historic center of the city, they have been making horchata and artisan fartons since 1892, but it is also a typical place to go to eat chocolate and traditional Valencian fritters -typical, above all, of the Fallas.

Where? At calle d’Ercilla, 13, 46001 (Valencia)

Horchatería Subies

With several points of sale in Almàssera, Valencia and Massamagrell, here they elaborate authentic Valencian horchata with D.O. and for this they use the tigernuts from the Carraixet riverbank. Their recipe? Tigernuts, water, sugar, lemon rind and cinnamon stick to become one of the best horchata in Valencia for more than 50 years. They also make more than 25 different types of ice creams and their menu is completed with the rich fartons, the rosquilletas, the coca of raisins and nuts or their Amparitos, which are flaky fartons.

Where? At Plaza San lorenzo, 2 (zona de Las Cortes, Valencia); Passeig Rei en Jaume, 5 (Massamagrell); and Carretera de Barcelona, 10 (Almàssera)

Horchatería Panach

This horchatería in Alboraia has been making artisanal and 100% vegan horchata since 1971. Besides being able to enjoy this fresh and artisan tigernut drink in their premises, they also sell their horchata in supermarkets under the brand Xufatopía by Panach, using exactly the same homemade recipe for more than half a century. At their place, you can try it from 2,50 €. And you can combine it with other ingredients such as coffee granita, lemon granita, barley granita or with a scoop of ice cream, to try a different proposal.

Where? At Avenida de l’Orxata, 19, 46120 (Alboraia, València)

Sequer Lo Blanch

Located in the middle of the orchard of Alboraia, this horchatería is a cultural and gastronomic space where, besides being able to taste an incredible horchata with its corresponding fartons, they also organize workshops, activities and musical performances to make the experience top. On the gastro side, they also make grilled lunches that you should definitely try.

Where? At Camino Hondo, 23,46120 (Alboraia, Valencia)

Horchatería Toni

It is another of the most emblematic horchaterias in Alboraia, which has been open since 1964. In 1982 they opened a second shop nearby, in Port Saplaya. Their secret is a very careful elaboration process to create 100% handmade horchata and ice cream with a very special texture and flavor. They serve liquid, granita or mixed horchata, also horchata ice cream, different slushies and a wide range of ice creams, including horchata popsicles, one of their star products, as well as milkshakes, drinks or pastries.

Where? At calle Colón, 11, 46120 (Alboraia, Valencia); and at Av. l’Horta, 1, 46120 (Port Saplaya, Valencia)