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The best burger in Spain is made in Galicia

An old school creation designed by Argentinos Burgers.

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The nostalgic ‘OLD SCHOOL 1980‘ was crowned in the final of the 4th Spanish Hamburger Championship staged on Estrella Galicia’s MEGA Museum. Fifteen finalists took part and prepared their gourmet versions of the American dish on the spot.

The jury tasted them in a blind tasting made up of a series of gastronomic references and critics such as the president of Madrid Fusión, Mr. Jose Carlos Capel, the gastronomic divulgator, Ms. Alejandra Ansón, Mr. Pepe Solla from Casa Solla, Mr. Fernando Agrasar, from As Garzas and Ms. Iría Espinosa, from Arbore da Veira.

One more year we participate in the @campeonatodehamburguesas and we do it with a view to the past in an updated way, a return to the essence of the burgers of a lifetime from today’s vision. Simplicity and flavour with the best ingredients are the basis of this burger that pretends to be “a complete burger”, but isn’t,’ the hamburger restaurant announced in an Instagram post about its star preparation.

The burger is a return to the origins, made with two 100g discs of beef matured for 60 days, then cooked on the griddle in the purest traditional style to achieve a golden surface and maintain all the juiciness of the meat.

It is accompanied by a homemade tomato relish that adds a touch of sweetness and acidity at the same time, fresh finely chopped lettuce and a double portion of melted cheese. The burger is finished with an intense bacon sauce on a brioche bun decorated with sesame seeds to give it the desired vintage touch.