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Tarta di rose: this is how Dani García prepares one of his most coveted desserts

The chef from Malaga shares a video on the internet in which he makes his 'tarta di rose' from Leña restaurant.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

At Leña, his restaurant dedicated to the culinary art of the embers, if there is one dessert that has captivated all diners, it is the rose tart that Dani García serves with two scoops of toasted butter ice cream. A delicious and crunchy pastry of sublime quality that the chef makes with caramelised brioche, kougi aman or puff pastry with vanilla.

This evocative dessert, which looks like a series of rosebuds about to open and has a very delicate sponge cake texture, is presented as a tribute to the chef Matías Perdomo, from the Contraste Milán restaurant. An exclusive recreation of haute patisserie that Dani García‘s team only makes 50 units a day.

It is a creative dessert that the gastronomic critics who have been able to taste it in his establishments in Marbella, Madrid and Dubai have praised it as one of Dani García’s most desired dishes.