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Tapas Weekend: what to do in Madrid?

Seleccionamos los mejores planes con los que disfrutar al máximo del fin de semana en la capital.

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From Tapas we have compiled the best plans with which to make the most of the weekend in Madrid, and to indulge in hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, festivals, events and museums. Grab your diary and take note of our weekly proposal.


On the first Friday of spring, we will be previewing the night-time party in the series of concerts to be held at the ‘Escándalo‘ restaurant of the Canopy By Hilton Madrid Castellana hotel. Specifically, we will attend the concert by Cecilia Krull, one of the key figures of the new generation of jazz musicians, who fuses this genre with influences of pop, groove and soul. Get your ticket here.

At the stroke of midnight, we’ll head down to The Bassement to enjoy the first BAG2BAG party, which is set to revolutionise the Madrid clubbing scene. An ecosystem where music and art will merge in the same ritual for devotees of techno and avant-garde electronica.

The first bag2bag party ‘COURTESY b2b MARIE MALARIE‘ will feature sets by Courtesy, the Danish dj based between Copenhagen and Berlin who tackles trance and hard techno sounds, and Marie Malarie, London-based DJ, producer and promoter specialising in bebop rhythms and darker, cooler sounds from East London.

DJ duo SYSTEMA, made up of Gala and Nogue, will get the party going with their b2b of electronic music influenced by a wide range of styles from progressive house to dub and acid. Don’t let them tell you about it, get your ticket here.


On Saturday we’ll be eating at Antonia’s Burger, Barcelona’s viral burger bar that has just arrived in the capital. In its minimalist aesthetic, decorated with books and design elements, we’ll be able to try some of its star dishes such as its smash burger with cheese or its crispy fried chicken burger.

They also have a vegan version of the burger, as well as homemade hot dogs or fish and chips that can be perfectly paired with their extensive selection of natural wines. Where? Calle Campoamor, 2.

In the afternoon, we will visit the exhibition ‘Generation 24‘, currently on display at La Casa Encendida. A group exhibition dedicated to avant-garde art that brings together different works that connect a whole generation born in the 1990s. It highlights the emerging talent of artists such as Daniel de la Barra Gómez (Lima, Peru, 1992), Weixin Quek Chong (Singapore, 1988), Agnes Essonti Luque (Barcelona, 1996), An Wei (Madrid, 1990) and Salem Amar (Barcelona, 1999).


On Sunday we will continue to trace the route of culinary premieres in the capital. And not just any of them, but PERSIMMON’S, the new Georgian cocktail bar and artisan restaurant that is about to become the new trendy place in Madrid.

In this cosy and sophisticated space, gastronomy and the liquid proposal made from the traditional Georgian distillate Chacha come together to create a meeting point; following in the footsteps of the same owners who created their bistro called Nunuka.

Now they are opening this new restaurant in Chueca -Bárbara de Braganza, 2- where they present a delicious menu made up of dishes such as a grilled suckling pig bikini with adjika, carrot and marinated cabbage, or a brochette of free-range chicken with chkmeruli sauce; to finish off with a sweet dessert such as their badagi panacota.

They dilute this gastronomic art with their signature cocktails, which include drinks such as the Tamada or the Tamar Mephe, made with chacha, lemon and saperavi float.

We will close the weekend in another emerging restaurant of reference that also connects gastronomy, art and music in the same project. At Pabblo Madrid, we will dance until nightfall with the party ‘Feel Like Pabblo: Parte 2‘; which will activate a hip hop and rnb session from 6pm to the rhythm of Djs favs ft. Dj fonk. Where? At Pz Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1.