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Tapas Weekend: what to do in Madrid?

Seleccionamos los mejores planes con los que disfrutar al máximo del fin de semana en la capital.

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From Tapas we compile the best plans with which to enjoy the weekend in Madrid, and relegate ourselves to hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, parties, events and museums. Take the agenda and take note of our weekly proposal.


As part of the contemporary art week, we will dedicate the whole weekend to this creative expression through different formats diluted in a great plastic, sound and culinary work.

Avant-garde creation is also at the core of our restaurant chosen for dinner on Friday night, entitled ‘Pabblo‘. This emerging local has become in a very short time one of the great restaurants of reference in the capital, run by the Carbon Group.

Pabblo stands in the Torre Picasso as the perfect symbiosis between Mediterranean cuisine, cocktail versioned and shows enlivened by the sounds of jazz or soul of his live band. A prelude that continues later with the session of their DJs who then transform the space into a club until late at night.

From its ode to Mediterranean cuisine, we will whet our appetite with some of its star dishes such as its lobster salad, its croque-monsieur of prosciutto cotto au gratin or its prawn fritters. Then, we will opt for a sumptuous banquet of French oysters served with different sauces to finish with one of its great dishes cooked in a wood oven: lobster rice, along with one of its cocktails designed by its bartender Carlos Moreno.

One more Friday, we will activate the night session at La Discoteca, which comes with an artistic and special edition framed in the ‘Art week afterparty’ with Jaime Urdiales, one of the most prominent figures of plastic art of the national scene.

In Sala Cocó, the artist will create a scenography on which to live the immersive experience provided by the eclectic sets and sounds of Andrea Vandall, MYGAL and Skichi. Get your pass here.


A mediodía nos dirigiremos a la Tasca Maria Sarmiento, la nueva taberna neocastiza de referencia que ahora ocupa una esquina en la calle Santa Isabel, situada en el barrio de Lavapiés.

Our evening shared with friends will be orchestrated around their tapas of cañí influence: an ensaladilla with charcoal oil cake and a gilda of Almadraba, to get to the dish par excellence, in what will be its official day: the creamy omelette with a huacatay sauce with a white wine provided by Bodegabierta.

We will continue to explore hedonism within UVNT Air Fair, the contemporary art fair that is installed this year in Matadero to integrate different aesthetic codes and find new trends in the art world.

In its eighth edition, directed by Sergio Sancho, we will be able to discover and appreciate the works created by emerging and consolidated talents, which will coexist in different rooms with a selection of pieces from national galleries. On the occasion of UVNT’s Public Art program, it will also be possible to visit the sculptures of artists Cesc Abad (Gärna Art Gallery), Grip Face (La Bibi Gallery), Óscar Abraham Pabón (LAB36) and the Cool Shit collective at the San Luis Network (Gran Vía and Montera). In addition, the digital work of Chong Yan Chuah (Space Cowboys) will welcome the fair at the doors of Matadero Madrid.


Sunday brunch will take place at Pascal Café, the new industrial aesthetic coffee shop in Lavapiés where they serve specialty coffee along with a display of delicacies such as avocado toast with pistachios, eggs benedict or Turkish babaganoush with peanuts.

Cerraremos el círculo artístico del fin de semana en un formato híbrido: el físico y el digital en HYBRID ART FAIR. En esta feria, tanto artistas emergentes como espacios independientes instalarán sus obras en distintas habitaciones del Hotel Petit Palace Santa Bárbara.

Esta octava edición contrará con 35 espacios artísticos independientes procedentes de 14 países; entre los que figuran Rusia, Japón, Ecuador, Taiwán o Suecia, y cuatro continentes. En lo que respecta a la participación española, la feria albergará 22 propuestas de nueve comunidades autónomas.