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Tapas Weekend: what to do in Madrid?

We have selected the best plans to make the most of the weekend in the capital.

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From Tapas we have compiled the best plans with which to make the most of the weekend in Madrid, and to indulge in hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, festivals, events and museums. Grab your diary and take note of our weekly proposal.


On Friday at 6pm, the visual artist Gorka Larcan will open a new dimension within the architecture and design studio Casa Antillón through his exhibition ‘aizkora‘: a new project that, as he describes on Instagram, arises from an initial stimulus to create a link between two disciplines: sculpture and hair.

On Friday at 6pm, the artist and his team will pay tribute to Nikkei gastronomy at the new Lima Nikkei restaurant, located at Calle Rosario Pino 8, where the executive chef and his entire team serve a perfect culinary synergy between Japanese technique and creative Peruvian cuisine that manages to activate all the senses of the diners.

His fusion of the warmth, the cosmopolitan and the avant-garde of Peruvian-Japanese cuisine is reflected in each of the creations of the chef, a renowned expert in nikei cuisine with experience in prestigious restaurants such as Osaka or Tahini.

There we will enter into an immersive culinary experience through its Nigiris such as Ventresca with ponzu, or the Nikkei Ceviche, one of its most outstanding dishes. Not to mention its surprising main courses such as the Pulpito Anticuchero or the Humi Meshi de Rocoto con Lomo al Chimichurri Nikkei, paired with cocktails such as its delicious Pisco Sour de Maracuya (Passion Fruit Pisco Sour).


On Saturday we will preach the new gastronomic religion of Beata Pasta: an emerging ‘sacred pasta’ restaurant for all devotees of fresh, artisanal pasta orchestrated by Neapolitan entrepreneur and chef Ciro Cristiano, following the success of Baldoria.

Inspired by southern Italian recipes, its menu reinterprets tradition through quality popular dishes amidst a vibrant design space, where they serve dishes worthy of beatification such as their starters ‘Burrata Putanesca’, the croquette of cacio & tartufo, the Parmigiana classica napoletana or the ‘Kale cesar salade’, a renewed version of the classic salad, with kale, parmiggiano flakes, avocado and crunchy soya.

However, lovers of fresh pasta will be delighted with proposals such as ‘Pistachio love’ or its ‘Ravioli alla Sorrentina’, filled with Sorrento lemon ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, scamorza and basil oil.

On Saturday afternoon, we will continue to make exciting plans, such as the one presented by The Social Hub: a ‘vintage market’ that will host in the same space different fashion and jewellery stands from different second-hand or vintage curated brands for fashion archivists or those interested in luxury pieces with which to prolong their life through new styles.

De 10 de la mañana a 22 de la noche, se expondrán así todos esas identidades como la de la tienda vintage @groupie.archive, en un mismo bufé junto a una propuesta culinaria maridada con cerveza y cócteles, así como DJ sets que le pondrán el sonido de fondo a la velada experiencial.

From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., all these identities, such as that of the vintage shop @groupie_archive, will be on display at the same buffet, along with a culinary proposal paired with beer and cocktails, as well as DJ sets that will provide the background sound for the experiential evening.


Sunday will be a full day of entertainment, starting with a classic ‘tardeo’ of wine, cocktails and tapas such as gildas, omelettes or the iconic XXL pastrami sandwich at Café de Ruiz, the legendary early 20th century establishment that attracts all generations with its culinary offerings and elevated aesthetics amidst red and pink armchairs.

From that stage we will head to the La Latina neighbourhood, specifically down to the El Sótano venue. At 8pm, the sounds of ‘Pheromone Blue‘, an electronic music band led by Brazilian musician and producer Mario Ramos Jr, will begin to mingle with the experimental duo Marcelo x Fugaz and Sarah Jones, an Englishwoman based in Madrid who has become the latest addition to the Rastro Live collective.

Through his sets we will be able to navigate through the most experimental, avant-garde and ambient electronic music of the scene.