Tapas Weekend: what to do in Barcelona?

We've selected the best plans to make the most of the weekend in Barcelona.

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Here at Tapas we’ve compiled the best plans to make the most of the weekend in Barcelona and indulge in hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, festivals, events and museums. Grab your diary and take note of our weekly proposal.


The superstitious club could interpret this day in only one way, but our aim will be to reverse its meaning, starting at the Torpedo Bar.

In this classic Barcelona bar, Rafa Peña and Biel Gavaldà serve the combination of success: traditional tapas, sandwiches, gourmet hamburgers and natural wines, a gastronomic fusion presented in an informal space dressed in vibrant green. A gastronomic fusion presented in an informal space dressed in vibrant green. Our top recommendation? Their Patty Melt burger sandwich, their tongue pastrami bikini or their roasted aubergine sandwich with dried tomatoes.

At dusk, Aitana will take the stage at the Palau de Sant Jordi to continue her AlphaTour, the tour of the third album in which the national pop icon updates both her image and her sounds, with electronic variations on fifteen tracks that include collaborations with artists such as Nicki Nicole, Rels B and Danna Paola. If you still don’t have it, get your ticket here.


From observing Barcelona’s sky through the enclaves that make up its urban core, we will descend to hell at Satan’s Coffe Corner: a speciality coffee shop run by Marcos Bartolomé that stands out for its exquisite interpretation of Asian breakfast, with dishes such as the ‘Chou syoku’ with rice, omelette or miso soup, as well as other more ‘mainstream’ options such as the Muesli or the Chia Pudding.

From this setting, we will move on to a cultural dimension: the Llibrería Finestres, a modernist bookshop where different artistic and visual disciplines converge, with special emphasis on comics and illustration. There, we can buy some of the most significant titles from the world of art, architecture, urban planning, music and fashion.

After that stimulating visit, we’ll be back to experience another musical plan, this time at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm. There, on Saturday, the second edition of the Bridge Festival will be presented, with an eclectic line-up of electronic dj sets, indie bands, immersive musical acts, digital art exhibitions, performances, as well as a fashion exhibition, bridge kids and sculpture. Get your ticket here.


Sunday lunch will be served by the Maleducat restaurant. This neo-tavern, a benchmark on the capital’s culinary scene, presents an informal cuisine in which the product is elevated through technique and freshness in dishes such as hare rigattoni, warm leeks with hazelnut vinaigrette or glazed veal shank. And all paired with the best selection of wines from the ABaC sommelier.

Where? At Calle Manso, 54.

In the afternoon, we’ll get back into the party mood at Random Universe‘s sunset party. LA TERRRAZZA, Barcelona’s cult open-air club, will have a line-up that, in addition to resident DJs Gersound and Franco Otero, will feature guest artist HYENAH, renowned for his musical transitions between African house music and the Western scene. If you don’t have it yet, get your pass here.