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Tapas weekend: what to do in Barcelona?

We’ve selected the best plans to make the most of the weekend in Barcelona.

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Here at Tapas we’ve compiled the best plans to make the most of the weekend in Barcelona and indulge in hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, festivals, events and museums. Grab your diary and take note of our weekly proposal.


This weekend we will be flying to Barcelona to live another type of experience beyond the fashion shows that the 080 shows in the capital unfold. To begin with, we will be organising an intimate and relaxed evening at the new trendy Italian trattoria in Barcelona, called Maggiorata.

This minimalist restaurant on Enrique Granados street -run by the partners of the legendary Bar Galán- presents itself as an ode to good food and good pasta with traditional dishes made with authentic Italian products.

The menu, inspired by chef Daniele de Luca‘s favourites, features 27 dishes in categories such as antipasti, mains and desserts. Among its dishes are a series of classics: the polpette with tomato in the form of meatballs on a tomato sauce and a cream of parmesan and milk, the rossini sirloin or the traditional recipe for spaghetti carbonara with guanciale and a mixture of egg yolks and pecorino cheese. As a final touch, try their original tiramisu recipe, made with lots of mascarpone and a secret house ingredient.

In the evening, the emotional connection will be established with Sala Sentimiento, which reopens the doors of Nica, the bar and cultural space presented by Casa Bonay and Brilliant Corners. In this edition, they will be joined by Josep Xortó & The Congosound, who will present their new album ‘Ocells com tu’, a tribute to the electronic scene born in the eighties and a sharp conceptual enquiry into pop and disco culture. Closing the night will be a B2B between Toni Aparisi, DJ and programmer of the club LULA Madrid and AKAINU, creator of Sala Sentimiento. Get your pass here.


Saturday will be our ‘Día de Cavas‘: a boutique electronic music experience where for the first time LA ASO and theBasement join forces to do what they do best. The plan is as follows: a gourmet event that fuses the best of electronic music and Cava Vilarnau’s finest cavas.

With dusk having already fallen, we will head to the cultural space of El Pumarejo to attend the concert of ML BUCH, the Copenhagen-based composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist, who is making an exclusive stop on her tour in Barcelona.

‘In her compositional practice, the Danish artist deploys her music in a very architectural way. The raw material is generated through immersive touching and assemblage as a way of unleashing a random magic. Her live performances, both solo and in ensemble formations, reflect her love of combining open-tuned 7-string electric guitars with synthetic instruments and electronic experiments.’


After going through the classic Sunday rest phase, we will have lunch at A Restaurant, the restaurant housed in the Hotel Neri. An urban oasis characterised by a gastronomic proposal orchestrated around high-quality, local produce. Here you can sample the diverse and evolving cuisine of chef Alain Guiard, who offers dishes such as a delicious sea bass, cockle and mussel ragout with orange and coconut, or grilled cannelloni with tender almond béchamel sauce and teriyaki. The menu also includes a series of dishes designed for sharing, such as innovative tapas or lobster croquettes.

The weekend will come to an end, but not before closing it in style at the Manuelas anniversary party at La Terrrazza club. The party that puts the focus on women and the creation of safe spaces for the LGTB community within the nightlife scene will once again bring out its varied sound rhythms that emphasise the urban genre; with tracks from artists such as Soto Asa, Bad Bunny, Rosalía or Bad Gyal.

There, the sets of the night will be performed by SANYDELITOS, AGILA 777, B2B: SUJAILA + LA SOFY. Get your pass here.