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Tapas Weekend: what to do in Barcelona?

We have selected the best plans to make the most of the weekend in Barcelona.

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Here at Tapas we’ve compiled the best plans to make the most of the weekend in Barcelona and indulge in hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, festivals, events and museums. Grab your diary and take note of our weekly proposal.


On Friday we will get active in the evening session, starting with a dinner in a traditional tapas bar called Bar Pimentel. A place where everything happens around a marble bar, with dishes of the day such as escabeches, raciones, stews and well-drawn beers.

The neighbourhood cuisine served by a group of chefs, including Martín Pimentel, stands out in the form of dishes that evoke traditional and/or grandmother’s cooking, such as prawn croquettes, meatballs with cuttlefish or grilled squid with a spicy touch of kimchi and chilli.

After dinner, we’ll head to one of the most exciting parties on the Barcelona nightlife scene: Sita Abellán‘s OUTOPIA party at the Sala Apolo, the dj and internet icon who will once again shake up the club with her techno grooves for rave lovers.

She will be joined in the booth by CLOUDY, a German DJ who in just a couple of years has made a name for herself in the techno scene thanks to her distinctive hard-hitting and emotive style, and Cardopusher, a Venezuelan DJ and producer based in Barcelona who has spent the last decade creating a wide variety of noisy dancefloor assaults, gravitating towards increasingly industrial sounds. Get your ticket here.


On Saturday we will continue exploring the gastronomic universe of Barcelona at Capet, the restaurant where Armando and Núria refinedly elevate seasonal produce in a short but tasty menu, in the style of today’s bistros, with outstanding dishes such as artichokes with onion consommé and smoked eel or chicken croquettes with kimchi.

At 19.30, we will devote ourselves to contemplate another type of artistic expression: the theatrical version of ‘Napalm al cor‘, a novel by Pol Guash, now adapted by the playwright Oriol Puig Grau, which deals with different themes such as militarisation, precariousness or violence.

Set in an ambiguous geography, Napalm al cor is about the life of a boy who has grown up in a militarised zone, marked by precarious living conditions, by the intolerance of his environment towards his desire for Boris, with whom he has a fierce bond, and by families torn apart by uprooting. The lack of prospects dominates everything, but she still has the possibility of allowing herself to be dazzled and even to submit, to cling to militancy and the temptation of violence, and to continue speaking a language that is unravelling: her own. The only alternative is to flee this barren land’, reads the play’s synopsis.


Christmas Eve will start with the acclaimed film ‘Anatomy of a Fall‘ at the Renoir Cinemas. A French thriller and courtroom drama from 2023 directed by Justine Triet from a screenplay she co-wrote with Arthur Harari. It stars Sandra Hüller as a writer trying to prove her innocence in the death of her husband.

As a prelude to the official family dinner, we will go for tapas -with a Michelin star- to Contracorrent Bar. There we will taste some of the tapas and dishes prepared by Sicilian chef Nico Drago based on fresh, seasonal produce, as a paired experience with their natural wines from nearby wineries curatorially selected by sommelier Anna Pla.

There, the Russian salad with roast chicken stands out, as well as some other dishes that fuse Catalan and Italian traditions, such as grilled squid with ‘bagna cauda’ sauce.