Tapas Best New Restaurant | Jorge Muñoz: “OSA aims to be the home of all Madrid”

The new OSA restaurant receives the Tapas Best New Restaurant award.

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Tapas Magazine has celebrated at the Real Fábrica de Tapices the second edition of the Best New Restaurant, a recognition that rewards the most significant opening of the last year. This 2023, it has been awarded to OSA, the new Madrid “house” of chefs Jorge Muñoz and Sara Peral, which presents a gastronomic proposal of haute cuisine that fuses Spanish products, French technique and Japanese sensibility.

During the ceremony presented by Flora González, and sponsored by DS Automobiles, Font Vella and Vermut Lustau, the chefs and ideologists of OSA expressed their enormous gratitude for the award: “It’s our first time. It is the first time that OSA comes out of OSA. And OSA aims to be the home of all of Madrid.”

“Many thanks to Andrés and the entire Tapas team, but above all thanks to those who have been part of OSA for many years. To those who created the project, to all the people who are part of the team; to all the diners and to all the people who have believed, for better or worse, that in this house you can eat well. We have opened a door that we hope will be for many years to come. And that is what we come to defend: identity, values and honesty.”