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Swifties recreate Taylor’s ‘Eras Tour’ stage with gingerbread

The new viral trend on TikTok is to version the Eras Tour stage with the classic 'gingerbread'.

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The fanaticism around the pop icon continues to grow, as a steady rise is channelled around clubs, songs, tours and, in general, Taylor Swift‘s success that has basically turned 2023 into its own era.

Now, her community has decided to build the singer’s Eras Tour, mostly using the Holiday Stadium Gingerbread House Kit.

Videos under the search ‘Eras Tour Stadium Gingerbread House‘ on TikTok have already garnered over 5.1 million views, while videos under ‘i bought the stadium gingerbread house eras tour’ have reached 1.2 billion views.


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Some of the ‘virtual bakers’ recreated the entire set from scratch, using several dozen gingerbread biscuits -and graham crackers- to erect the sprawling tour stage.

One of the users, under the nickname @daylightillustrations, showed on the platform the intricate process of building the stage by hand, first cutting out the shape of the biscuits in the shape of the stage and colouring it with assorted icing and sprinkles.