Stanley Tucci reveals his desire to open a restaurant

The actor extends his facet as a chef to go one step further in the near future.

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After demonstrating his undying love for cooking and starring in a series of viral recipe videos on Instagram, and a CNN project dedicated to pasta, Stanley Tucci is continuing to play his gastronomic role to eventually run his own restaurant.

During an interview on Cherry Bombe Radio with American chef Missy Robbins, the chef asked Tucci about his aspirations when it came to opening a restaurant, referencing that he was now ‘really into cooking’. To which he replied, ‘Would I like to do it? Yes’, before stating that he recently turned down an opportunity to open a restaurant in a hotel because it was ‘too big’.

‘Would I like to do something incredibly small? Yes,’ adding that his dream restaurant would include daily menu changes and basic dishes with very few wines. ‘I’d like to have something really small, intimate, with brown paper. Like an osteria.’

However, ‘The Lovely Bones’ star clarified that he would not be the chef at his restaurant, nor would his eldest son Nicolo, who has just graduated from London’s Leiths School of Food and Wine and works at St. John’s restaurant, as it would ‘completely destroy their relationship’.

‘I’m fascinated by food and why the world eats what it eats,’ Tucci continued as he promoted his new line of cookware at Williams Sonoma, ‘TUCCI by GreenPan‘.