Specialty coffee makes its way: CoffeeFest ends with 30 thousand people and will double its space by 2025

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The aroma of specialty coffee flooded the halls of Pavilion 14 of Ifema Madrid for four consecutive days, marking the success of the second edition of CoffeeFest, the International Coffee Festival. With the participation of more than 30 thousand enthusiasts, the event established itself as an unparalleled meeting point for the sector’s leading professionals and lovers of quality coffee.

From February 17 to 20, CoffeeFest unfolded a unique show that doubled in space and exhibitors to its first edition, thus consolidating an unstoppable trend towards specialty coffee. According to César Ramírez, promoter of the festival, “there is a considerable increase in the number of consumers, curious and coffee lovers in search of novelties related to this wonderful product”.

Among the highlights was the presentation for the first time of “The Best Coffee Shops”, a guide to the best specialty coffee shops throughout Spain, carefully selected by an expert jury. In addition, prizes were awarded, such as the Best Coffee with Milk in Spain, which went to Karlos Calvo, owner of La Luna Bikes & Coffee in Bilbao.

The presence of internationally renowned figures, such as James Hoffmann, Federico Bolaños and Samo Smrke, underlined the global character of CoffeeFest, consolidating it as an indisputable reference in the world of specialty coffee.

At the national level, professionals such as Marisa Baqué, Spanish coffee cupping champion and CEO of BB’s Café, as well as Marcos Zoya, consultant and barista trainer, and Dara Santana, chemical engineer specialized in the importance of the water used for coffee, stood out.

The success of this second edition means that all eyes are now on the 2025 event, where the space and number of exhibitors are expected to double again. “The third edition will reinforce its vocation as a major international trade fair and its role as a driving force in the Spanish market for quality and trendy coffee,” concludes Ramírez.

CoffeeFest has thus established itself as an essential event for coffee lovers, a space where passion and excellence merge to celebrate one of the most appreciated beverages in the world.