Specialty coffee shops with avant-garde touches

We present the definitive guide to designer restaurants that worship coffee from the capital of Madrid.

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Specialty coffee went from belonging to a niche club of coffee lovers to a whole subculture that revolves around this beverage, inhabited by an infinite community of roasters, coffee growers or devotees of mocha and natural flavors.

This type of coffee -with more than 80 points out of 100 according to professional tasters-, which arrived in Spain about a decade ago, with all its floral or citrus notes, is usually served in spaces surrounded by art, music and beauty, and/or in places that dance between modernism, Nordic inspiration and art deco. Discover some of our favorite specialty coffee shops in the capital.


God Café was installed at the end of 2022 in Chamberí, and, in just a few months, it has already become one of the trendiest coffee shops in the capital, established on two floors, with high ceilings and a dreamlike interior design surrounded by plants and designer furniture.

Inside this place, where they also host exhibitions or pop-ups, they have a great variety of coffees of origin that they accompany with dj sets in the background, peanut butter toasts, banana, chocolate or avocado, as well as with a whole display of Vanilla Bakery sweets that have just elevated this divinized space.

Where? Calle de Galileo, 27 (Chamberí).


Acid Café is the industrially inspired project of Fede Graciano and Shasha Zavgorodniaia, designed by Futuro Studio, specialized in this stimulating beverage. Specifically, in the Danish coffee La Cabra Coffe Roasters, and in all its magical formulas with which they generate multiple experiences through coffee.

That specialty coffee roasted in Copenhagen -served in its two Madrid locations- can be accompanied by a delicious offer of toast with eggs benedict or salmon with blinis, sandwiches, sandwiches or pastries.

Where? Calle de la Verónica, 9, 28014 Madrid


This speciality coffee shop articulates its gastronomic discourse around the fact of offering the best specialty coffee, exploring its potential in flavor complemented with a healthy and organic menu, in a design, eclectic and sustainable environment.

This experiential vision of Osom Speciality Coffe, with which its creators Martu and Mey spread the culture of coffee and respect for the environment, is materialized in a menu of varied diets, artisanal and organic products to accompany their stand of specialty coffees that includes espressos, batch brews, long blacks or flat whites.

Where? Calle de Santa Teresa, 2.


“The main idea is to make COFI. a meeting point with a quiet atmosphere where you can have the feeling of being at home.”

This emerging place to be in the capital offers San Jorge Coffe Roasters roasted coffee to be savored with a variety of toasts, fruit bowls and sandwiches in a minimalist space that also hosts cultural events such as art gallery exhibitions, concerts, book presentations and poetry recitals.

Where? Calle del Acuerdo, 36.