SON Estrella Galicia presents the new season’s series of musical experiences

These will be SON Estrella Galicia's beer music experiences for 2023 together with a series of artists that will define the future of music.

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Estrella Galicia’s musical current continues to resonate throughout the universe with its cultural experiences that fuse music and beer in the same eloquent concept. Not only for its musical events themselves, but for all the emerging and LGBT+ talents that orbit them, and the positive impact that its iconic beer has.

Evento de presentación de la nueva temporada de SON Estrella Galicia en La Casa Encendida.

Through the motto “reinventing itself and looking to the future” engraved in its DNA, SON Estella Galicia catalysed the discovery of emerging talents in the industry 14 years ago. Now, the brewery’s music project presents the programme for the 2023 season with which it continues to lead the effervescent music scene.

This year’s agenda includes a series of concerts, activities on different disciplines, positive impact, beer culture and initiatives around emigration and musical fusion. A whole programme that remasters sounds and energies through a new stage made up of a series of stimulating artists such as Silvana Estrada, Chico Blanco, Dora, Amore, Bejo, Teenage Fanclub, Temples, Valeria Castro, Pongo, James Holden, L’Éclair, Vega, Sipho, Ditz, Bala, Matt Elliott and Shout Out Louds.

Beyond this specific idyll between music and beer, Estrella Galicia will bring to its own eclectic stage a series of gastronomic and pairing ideas, surprise shows and actions focused on raising awareness of the importance of generating a positive impact.

In this sense, from their platform, they present actions such as “New Life” to give a new life to the waste generated through recycling. An eco-futuristic idea that they also develop through the creation of a series of workshops under the umbrella of “We Sustainability” on environmental activism, regenerative events, talks, art and exhibitions on environmental impact.


SON Estrella Galicia expands its imaginary and identity to big festivals such as Wakana Reunion, Esmorga Fest, PortAmérica, Sinsal, WOS Festival or MIRA. They will also celebrate the seventh edition of their own festival, SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia, the zero-emission sound event that will take place this time in the dreamlike landscape of Formentera from the 6th to the 8th of October.

In addition, the brewery’s musical project opens up to other formats of artistic collaboration that mix music with other disciplines. A powerful action that they have already carried out with Sen Senra, with whom they recorded the video clip of their latest single “No quiero ser un cantante”, conceived as the genesis of a collaborative story that will continue throughout the year.

Over the last few years, the project has spread globally with new venues in cities such as New York -Baby’s All Right- or London -Paper Dress Vintage-. A musical emigration that will continue in 2023 to other reference venues where SON Estrella Galicia will make the public vibrate with its cultural experiences.