‘Somebody Feed Phil’ returns to Netflix with new season

Phil Rosenthal travels to eight new destinations in the culinary episodes that will be released on the platform on 1 March.

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The food-lovers’ favourite series, nominated for a 2019 Emmy for ‘Best Unstructured Reality Show’, returns to Netflix with a seventh season in which its protagonist will travel to various countries immersing himself in gastronomy and its culture.

From Bangkok or Mumbai to Lisbon or Mexico City, ‘Somebody Feed Phil‘ continues to serve up international buffets and tastings from 2018 in search of the best cuisines and dishes; always with a humorous undertone.

Netflix promises that the new eight episodes will be ‘bigger than ever’, with Phil continuing to forge connections ‘through the universal language of food’ as he celebrates cultures and hidden gems from around the world.

In this gastronomic journey around the world you will again share scene and food with beloved family members and friends such as comedians, writers, artists in the same immersive ritual.