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Selena Gomez’s favorite snack that you’ll want to try (or not)

The singer has shown the favorite snack she prepares at night when she is tired, sad or happy. We show you what it consists of!
Selena Gómez

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We all have a favorite snack that we turn to when we are sad, stressed, happy or tired. Many have chocolate, a glass of wine, sweets, chips…. And others create their own snack that serves as an antidote to lift their spirits. For example, Selena Gomez prepares a peculiar snack for those nights when she is tired, sad or happy. Her favorite snack has three ingredients and according to the artist “it’s like a pizza”. For many it is a real treat and for others an unappetizing snack. We tell you what it consists of so you can choose which team you’re on.

In a recent interview for Vanity Fair, Selena revealed that three ingredients are needed to prepare her favorite snack: crackers, cheese (spray) and pepperoni. Although the cheese format may seem strange, she stresses that she opts for it because it’s delicious and it’s fun to eat like cream.

To assemble the snack you only need to spread the cheese on the cracker, add a slice of pepperoni, and close it with another cracker on top. Then, put it in the oven for five minutes and voilà, you have a snack that drives Selena crazy. “It’s so good. You have to try it, it’s amazing,” she says in the video.

The result is crunchy, with melted cheese and the spicy touch of peperoni. He also comments that the creator of this peculiar appetizer was his stepfather. “One time my stepfather decided to make a quick appetizer because everything we were cooking was taking too long.”

Now that you know what Selena Gomez’s favorite snack is, which team are you from?