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Six Senses Ibiza, as the first certified sustainable resort in Ibiza, has five signature restaurants that make up its luxury gastronomic universe in which the Ibizan product and ecology merge to serve seasonal and fresh dishes with which to enter fully into the culture of the island through the palate.

The activation of all the senses as a multisensory and hedonistic experience makes up the identity of this resort, in which beyond all its activities of spirituality, evasion, personal healing or wellness, they serve a masterful fusion of local and international flavors from their culinary enclaves.

La experiencia gastro-sensorial

The Farmers’ Market se presenta como una experiencia matutina en el que los huéspedes pueden disfrutar de un desayuno o almuerzo revitalizante conformado por ingredientes frescos y locales cuidadosamente seleccionados.

Among Six Senses’ culinary highlights is also the renowned North restaurant, headed by renowned Israeli chef Eyal Shani, who masterfully fuses magnificent Israeli flavors and sublime Ibizan produce, bringing the farm to the table in an artistic way.

The resort’s journey of international gastronomy, and its fusion with tradition and local produce, continues at The Orchard: an ode to Italy where diners can savor authentic Italian ingredients, from fresh pasta or tasty pizzas to antipasti options of exceptional quality.

Meanwhile, at The Beach Caves restaurant they offer a cosmopolitan experience centered on rhythms and bites that create a synergy through gastronomy and music: two creative expressions united in a sophisticated space that fuses local flavors with Latin American influences.


That eco-futuristic philosophy that envelops Six Senses continues its activist practices through its zero plastic waste policy that includes bottling its own water, as well as using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, often sourced from its own organic garden in neighboring Santa Gertrudis. 

From the use of our land to grow food, to energy and waste management, to our efforts to conserve water, source local and seasonal ingredients for resort menus and even support local projects,’ read the notes of this resort’s sustainable, gourmet dining experiences.

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