Sibatable, the aestheticisation of food through fantasy

The Korean artist behind this viral Instagram account creates culinary works of art that are too 'cutesy' to be eaten.

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From Hello Kitty-shaped sushi to an avocado beaver, @sibatable‘s digital archive projects an aesthetic idyll created through artistic products distilled from his inner world.

Min Kyungjin is the Korean food artist who sculpts all those delicious and adorable imaginative dishes that mesmerise users, connected by the artist’s love of fantastic food.

His dogs made of noodles or pandas made of rice are inspired by films, comics and cartoons that have shaped his visual identity over the years. A creative expression that he has been channelling through his plate since February 2022, when he began to share his creations on the internet.

The response of the online community to his work has been, to say the least, successful. As of today, his profile accumulates 204,000 followers who constantly like or share his broccoli poodle families or his smiling suns with poached eggs. The pleasure here begins to be felt through the eyes.