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Seville’s must-visit restaurants during Easter Week

If you are visiting Seville this Easter, here are some recommendations of restaurants you should try in the Andalusian capital.

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If there is one city where Holy Week is experienced with special devotion, it is Seville. The Andalusian capital is experiencing one of its greatest festivals. In fact, it has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest. The city is full of people, joy and celebration, and what is not to be missed either are the good gastronomic experiences. So that you don’t have to think about where to eat, here are some recommendations of the best restaurants in Seville that you should try. Take note!


Eneko Atxa’s stamp is always synonymous with success and good quality. In this restaurant, his innovative gastronomy of flavours from the Basque Country combines with Andalusian tradition to create an authentic proposal. The flavour of homemade dishes and grandmother’s stews are present in all his dishes, and the produce he uses is truly exceptional. In their tasting menus you can try delicacies such as foie and citronella curd, homemade egg yolk on wheat stew, or smoked prey with mashed potatoes and truffle.

Sevilla. Plaza de la Magdalena, 1
955 12 10 33
Menú degustanción Labur: €59. Menú degustación Luze: €79


Julio Fernández continues to focus on showing the world his cuisine of traditional flavours, amplified through avant-garde techniques. In either of the two menus he offers, he combines seafood from the Andalusian mountains with seasonings and ingredients with Arabic roots. A bright and pleasant dining room.

By: Fernando Huidobro

Sevilla. Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7-9
954 54 00 00
Menú degustación: €80. Gran Menú: €100.
Alta cocina

Barra Baja

A restaurant that maintains the Bocussian denomination of ‘market cuisine’, that is to say, the daily purchase of produce that Rafa Liñán prepares directly in front of the diner in his low bar for eight people, mixing the basic cuisine with the most modern. In addition, tables for up to 20 people. Original menu prepared by product according to the market stalls. An appetising, welcoming and recommendable place that has earned its place as a reference point.

By: Fernando Huidobro

Sevilla. Javier Lasso de la Vega, 14
955 05 56 60
Carta: €40.
Elaborada / De mercado

Justa Rufina

This restaurant is located in the Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Sevilla and belongs to Azotea Grupo. Chef Manuel Berganza is in charge of a gastronomic proposal focused on the product to offer honest, quality cuisine with a touch of creativity. With a great emphasis on the embers, here you should try the Iberian pluma sautéed over a flame, bimi and ginger mojo, the creamy rice with red mullet loin and sobrasada or the roast monkfish on the bone, bilbaína and panadera. On the restaurant’s rooftop terrace, they have a more relaxed proposal with a menu of snacks and an excellent cocktail bar by Luca Anastasio.

Sevilla. Plaza de la Magdalena, 5
956 064 433
Menú Arrozada Especial Mediodía: €37. Carta: €40.
Brasas / Arroces

El Disparate

The mastery of the chef Nacho Dargallo jumps to the dishes very well designed for this, his restaurant, in which he has currently put all his complacencies. Always with Sandra Rodríguez. On the terrace of The Corner House Hotel, food and drink are greatly enjoyed, as Nacho brings to his wine cellar the wisdom that comes from his love of wine. His recognised and well-deserved good hand as a long-serving chef is the guarantee that this is a place to keep in mind if you are looking to eat well and enjoy yourself in the city.

By: Fernando Huidobro

Sevilla. Alameda de Hérculas, 11
680 12 74 13
Carta: €40
Elaborada / Actual


Mareantes marks Rafa Zafra’s return to his native Seville after 11 years. Located in Takyo Hotel, this place pays tribute to the first seafarers’ guilds that used to stay in the area around the San Telmo Palace and Torre del Oro. It has a bar and a large terrace to enjoy now that the good weather has arrived. With all the atmosphere of Seville, here you can have a beer while tasting a good seafood product, such as the red prawns from Roses or the XXL langoustines from Isla Cristina, prepared by Alfonso Esquinas, the chef in charge of the kitchen.

Sevilla. Calle Almirante Lobo, 17.
955 830 779
Carta barra: €25-30. Carta: €60-75.
Cervecería / Marisquería


Cañabota is sea and embers. A concept of high gastronomic level in which the absolute axis is the good fish and seafood of first quality that roast, fry and stew with joy and good work. It has two different areas: a more informal bar, where you can enjoy small portions and tapas, accompanied by a good vermouth or sherry wine; and an elegant lounge where the best option is to dive into any of the tasting menus.

By: Fernando Huidobro

Sevilla. Calle Orfila, 1
954 97 02 98
Menús degustación: €90, 140 y 225. Carta: €60.
Pescado y marisco


A brand new restaurant that completes the offer of high quality haute cuisine in the city, by the highly valued chef Juan Andrés Morilla, who has created a stupendous gastronomic offer based on the cuisine of Andalusia (which has been passed on from one province to another during his previous visits). His dishes are treated with finesse and good taste, supported by good techniques that make a visit to the restaurant a must. Resolute and well-balanced wine cellar. Let us advise you and take you away. Careful and beautiful decoration, and a very good quality-price ratio.

By: Fernando Huidobro

Sevilla. Calle Alfonso XII, 13.
954 87 13 22
Menús degustación: €55 y 70. Carta: €55.
Alta cocina

Lalola de Javier Abascal

Located in the Hotel Palacio One Shot Conde de Torrejón, in the heart of Seville, the chef Javier Abascal prepares a proposal based on Iberian cuisine and a creative and updated vision of tradition. The menu features the best raw materials from the Sierra de Huelva, in a sublime combination of traditional flavours and modern techniques. Its tasting menu is designed for a unique Iberian gastronomic experience.

Sevilla. Calle Conde de Torrejón, 9
633 45 71 62
Menú degustación: €44. Carta: €30.


Camila Ferraro stages a cuisine with deep roots and a contemporary air in this restaurant where artifice is rare. Elegance and taste for gastronomy are expressed both in the culinary and oenological offerings, represented by the exceptional sommelier Robert Tetas.

By: Fernando Huidobro

Sevilla. Calle Colombia, 7.
955 54 64 51
Menú Sobretablas Deluxe: €68. Carta: €55-65.
Cosmopolita / Actual