Scarlett Johansson stars in M&M’s Super Bowl ad

The actress shares the stage with NFL legends Dan Marino, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith.

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In the M&M’s ad for Super Bowl 2024, Scarlett pokes fun at her Oscar defeats, in which she has been a ‘near champion’ with some of the players who have never won a Super Bowl; encouraging everyone to have fun regardless of whether you win or lose.

In the clip, the group of stars come together to come up with a new way to get a runner-up finish. Only Super Bowl winners get a ring, right? Well, no! M&M’s presents the Almost Champions: Ring of Comfort’, says Marino at the beginning of the piece.

Below, the former Dolphins quarterback explains what these hilarious rings are made of: ‘comforting’ peanut butter that they carve into real diamonds. Then we polish them with the sighs of those who almost won a Super Bowl,’ jokes Marino.

The full M&M ad will be aired in the first quarter of the big game.