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Sarah Jessica Parker serves free Cosmos at her SJP flagship store

Having a free cocktail with the great icon of the Cosmos is now possible.

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New York’s most famous Cosmopolitan drinker is unveiling an exciting action at her luxury shoe store in the West Village that will offer fans a free cosmo from her line of cocktails prepared in conjunction with Perry Street every Thursday in November.

The film legend’s fandom will be able to stop by the flagship shop to sample Thomas Ashbourne’s ‘Perfect Cosmopolitan‘ from 4pm to 6pm: a cocktail hour where they can shop -and sip on a complimentary Thomas Ashbourne ‘Perfect’ cosmo- as part of the brand’s Happy Hour Series Sip & Shop.

SJP’s Perfect Cosmo -with 20% alcohol- is presented as a light pink, sweet but tart vodka and cranberry cocktail, with a hint of lime to soften the vodka.

Some of the visitors will even be able to see Sarah Jessica Parker in real life during these magical and spirited encounters sponsored by this liquid collaboration.