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Ryan Gosling shares a trick to add creaminess to hummus

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Ryan Gosling hides many other facets or special skills that go beyond acting. In fact, it seems that one of his most latent hobbies is related to gastronomic art.

In an interview with IMDb, Gosling and his co-star in ‘The Fall Guy’, Emily Blunt, alluded to this natural skill of the actor. In this sense, Blunt revealed that Gosling has become an excellent baker over the years. He knows how to make cupcakes like nobody’s business,’ she laughs. Gosling confirms that not only does he know how to make delicious baked goods, but he also has some technical skills up his sleeve: ‘I can make a pie crust,’ he adds.

Indeed, the film star’s involvement with gastronomy is not just confined to the world of sweets, but also extends to the restaurant business. Gosling co-owns the Moroccan restaurant Tagine in Beverly Hills.

The most acclaimed Ken in history also wanted to share an easy trick he used to perfect his hummus. I learned that if you put ice in your hummus while you’re blending it instead of water, it’s much creamier,’ says Gosling. ‘It’s just a fun little tip, try putting ice in your hummus.’ Adding ice cubes to the hot mixture then helps aerate the dip, creating that desired smooth, thick consistency.